World Police?

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Oil is America’s first love? Is it really all about the money? We need to safeguard the oil first! Forget about the people and their lives! It seems that America has a little too much oil in their eyes and the vision that allows us to see other countries’ problems has gotten cloudy and distorted. Why must we continue to boast our selfishness by sending troops to guard oil reserves? That’s a great way to solve the problem of innocent lives being lost during pointless wars in Columbia. All the “Police” and “Protectors of the World” care about is how we can protect the oil reserves and not to mention our money. I don’t think there is anything explaining that the government and oil reserves are identical. Since when did protecting the government of Columbia become synonymous to safeguarding the oil reserves? America must stop looking through oil-clouded eyes and send troops to keep peace rather than steal a piece of the oil industry in Columbia. In a desperate attempt to safeguard the oil reserves, we have managed to display and flaunt our selfishness and apathy for struggling countries. The last time I checked, “Police” didn’t run after money or intentionally slip on oil…


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