World Police?

Sunday, December 05, 2004


In America, primary education has never been considered an issue and is many times taken for granted. It is seen as something that every child will get or already has. The thought has never occurred that Africa has to pay for primary education. Most African families cannot afford to pay (annually) the price of a single American fast food meal. Why have the “Police” not rushed over to indict illiteracy or the 240 child class size in which 100 will have to repeat their current grade? With complaints of 30 children per class as a dire inconvenience to children, imagine how one teacher manages to teach and control a whopping 240 or 250 student class. Not only has America turned a deaf ear to the cries out for help in education, but we have failed to realize that “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Trying to learn on an empty (literally) stomach in an unfinished one-room schoolhouse is obviously not the best way for a child to learn. Consider the disadvantages that the children in Africa have before we hastily complain about our over-crowded school buildings or the “lack” of books for students. In our careless attitudes about the education that we are guaranteed, the “Police” need to wake up and realize that education is a privilege that everybody should receive.


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