World Police?

Monday, December 06, 2004

Janie's Post: Philippines

The recent article that I read was about the wonderful Philippines and
a disease that is spreading through the area, rapidly. Throughout the years,
the Philippines have been known for its beauty, but lately a disease called
meningococcemia has been devastating its people and area. Meningococcemia is a
deadly disease that causes fever and nausea and attacks the nervous system. The
people there are wearing masks and, basically, living their lives not to die
these days. Baggio is one o the cities that's been hit very hard with the
disease. America claims to have one of the best sources of healthcare, so we
should just volunteer our time in research to help find a cure or medicines to help
prevent and treat this disease. Money should not be such a factor. When it
comes to helping its fellow countries and states, America should be the first to
step in.