World Police?

Monday, December 06, 2004

Janie's Post: Ivory Coast War

For nine months now, the Ivory Coast has been functioning
normally and without violence nor hardship. Recently, however, bombs and violence is
trying to conquer the area. The Ivory Coast is trying to combine its land and
unify it and feel as if killing and bombing those that rebel is the only way.
However, there should be other punishments and alternatives that they should
use. This is where the US should step in and tell them that war is not
something that can happen and just go away. War is serious and lasts long. If the US
would step in now, it could save itself time and energy as well as help
maintain tranquility within the Ivory Coast. If the US doesn't step in things will
get worst and the US will be forced to spend out more money and time to help
stop war.


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