World Police?

Sunday, December 05, 2004


There should be no question of honor and reverence when it comes to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il, but lately pictures and once definite titles of the king have been stripped away from the worth king. With over 2,000 worthy titles given to Kim Jong Il, very few have been used lately. In public places, his pictures are beginning to disappear and become less frequent. Born into the title, Kim Jong Il was preceded by his father, who had no trouble at all receiving the homage that was due to him. Why is it that Kim is not getting the reverence that he deserves to get? Further investigations should be done to get to the bottom of this lack of respect. If the police were to take advantage of the signs, maybe a major uproar or rebellion can be prevented. Wouldn’t we look deeper into the situation if our president was not addressed correctly? If America’s leaders were not addressed properly, there would be corrections made and investigations done to make sure that the government and country were in order and that there were no dirty, underhanded plans being carried out. Where are the “World’s Police” when other countries need investigation, security, and reassurance?


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