World Police?

Monday, December 06, 2004

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Our project is research on different situations and conditions around the world and the approach that the US takes to aid these problems and there countries. By the U.S. being the wealthiest, strongest and most influential nation, it is considered the police of the world and its actions or inaction affects other nations. One notable area is regarding the issue of debt and poverty. Being a major part of the every country and helping to formulate the United Nations over 50 years ago, the US’ actions can be felt around the world. The problem is that the development of aid to the world's poorest countries has declined by 45 percent during the past 10 years and Western and African leaders have had to gather support at home to support efforts to prevent suffering in these countries.For example, around the world for numerous years, many have criticized the U.S. for cutting back on its promised obligations and responsibilities, and that furthermore, when it has provided aid, it has been tied to its own foreign policy objectives. Many rich nations that provide aid can be criticized in a similar way. By living in the US, we forget about problems around the world. One article that we looked at dealt with the Colombian situation with their oil. The United States claimed to be helping them, but they also were taking advantage of them because of the oil, which was the main reason we decided to help Colombia. This made me view the U.S. in a negative way, criticizing our country that we should be a genuine and honest world police. We learned so much about the world and the environment around us by simply reading about the world’s problems rather than our own. It was simply a need to find the information. We also considered the people of the world and realized that the major problems of the world are not just in the US. We researched diseases, education problems, wars, US instigations, and it all comes to the same conclusion. America needs to step up and give to the rest of the world. Perhaps if we did become the real world police, then the rest of the world would start to accept us again. It is just a matter of trust and giving.


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