World Police?

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Bombing seems to be the only alternative left in the Ivory Coast. Their last resort to unite the country and reconquer the land is to bomb it. Now, nine months after peace has found its way into the land, bombs are demolishing the land and have the threat of war looming over the Ivory Coast. In an attempt to reunify the land, the rebels must be bombed. Common sense would step in and say “war is not the answer” (especially since you have already achieved peace), but since it hasn’t the job should lie on the “World’s Police”. Since the United States feels that it should meddle in everyone’s business and constantly control and exert superiority over other countries, it should also take an exceptionally important role in ensuring the safety of other countries’ citizens and providing feasible alternatives to war. This has not been the case since America has not yet stepped into the battle and expressed how peace has been achieved and that there is no need for bombings and war. Forcing people to stay in their homes does not appear to be an effective method for bringing peace to a country. Once again, Africa is in trouble and is crying out to the world for some form of help. If the heart is not strong, the body as a whole is in danger of functioning improperly. America must look at the under-developed countries in Africa and see to it that they receive help as soon as possible in order to build the heart and eradicate the wars that are taking so many innocent lives.