World Police?

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Fighting for over 50 years means that something has to be done. It is time for another power to intervene and assist. If America is the “World’s Police”, shouldn’t we take it upon our “great authority” to step in and help? Well, why haven’t we. It seems that whenever something is going wrong outside of the borders of the United States, it does not even get the acknowledgement that it deserves from the United States unless a direct threat is posed on us. I think that it is pitiful how we can beg and cry out to our allies for help when a miniscule problem arises in our nation but when a 50 year ordeal has yet to be brought to an end, we can shun the nation and see it simply as their own civil problem. It is amazing the time and effort that can go into appealing to the United Nations for help or the power to control a small situation. Why can we not put a fraction of that effort into at least listening to the problems of other countries? Too many lives are being lost and a job is being left undone every single time the United States refuses to lend a helping hand to a less fortunate country. There is no excuse as to why 40,000 lives were lost in India and Pakistan because of a war! It is excellent that the violence has dropped to a level in which troops can be cut in Kashmir, but what use does it make when 2 militants are killed in an attack just before troops are cut? Where is America when it’s needed? So quick are we to poke around in places that we are unwanted yet lack the interest to assist in places that cry out for help.