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Sunday, November 07, 2004

War Can Not Reunite

The situation in the Ivory Coast in Africa is similar to the incident of North Korea and South Korea that happened in the 40's. Before the war that broke in Korea, which is what it was called before the war, there was a group of rebels that didn't agree with the rules of the government. They gathered themselves in one area and threatened the Korean government that they would one day get rid of them and start their own one. The government decided that attacking them would be the only way to get rid of their rebellious actions, and therefore, they invaded their properties, treating them as if they were not humans. That is why Korea got divided into two separate countries, with North Korea being communist. It appears that the government of Ivory did not pay attention to the mistake that the Koreans committed for attacking the rebels. Rebels groups in the Ivory Coast are being attacked with bombs and instead of giving up their beliefs, they are feeling even more rage against the government and they want more violence. Like they said after they were bombed by the government, "The war has started again." This can not continue. The Ivory Coast of Africa needs support from us, the United States. With the powers that we have, we have make them stop this stupidity and make them learn that war is not the only way out to freedom from unwanted situations. And the United States should realize soon that they need to help these countries immediately instead of just worrying about ourselves.


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