World Police?

Monday, November 29, 2004

The Philippines In Trouble? Why Not Provide Aid?

The Philippines are a wonderful place that strives with a good economy of merchants and loving people. It only seems fair that everyone should have the best doctors. But reality is, no not everyone can be as fortunate as us. They are suffering with a disease in the Philippines known as meningococcemia. It is a deadly disease that packs a deadly punch on the victim. People could be seen wearing surgical masks and defining the days as bad. In the town of Baggio City, the disease has spread hard. Its symptoms, similar to dengue fevers, include chills, headache, neck stiffness, pain in the neck, lower extremities, nausea, vomiting, rashes and seizures. This thing is serious and it attacks the central nervous system and then in 24 hours, the victim dies. We should dedicate an entire work force of doctors and researchers to finding a cure for it right now. We have the money and time to spend. So let’s help these people out. We could definitely pose a great influence on these people by helping to cure the disease. We should set up clinic for the locals to go to and set up advisory about health, to never let this happen again. If we could stop it now we could stop it forever. That is what America needs to do. Prevent deadly diseases from spreading around the world. We don’t need to cure everyone, so let’s prevent everyone from getting these diseases and clear up the area and air. Besides, the Philippines are a wonderful place to go.