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Monday, November 29, 2004

Janie's Post: Help from US Would Help Secure Columbia’s Oil

Columbia’s troops are stretched across four states, but need the help of American forces to help secure and protect its oil sites. Oil is Columbia’s number one export, meaning that most of the country’s money is generated through the exploration of its oil sites. The problem is that Columbia’s military and government has failed to protect the oil sites and have produced unpalatable contracts for potential investors. As a result, Columbia’s oil production has fallen from 830,000 barrels a day in 1999 to 535,000 daily.
Columbia has been one of the top suppliers of crude to the US. It would greatly help Columbia if the US would send troops to secure the sites of this crude. The US could help in many ways, but it is so preoccupied with its own problems. For example, President Bush trained Columbian troops to protect a pipeline for crude, but has not sent American troops to help over in Columbia. Without the help of the US, Columbia will have to decrease taxes, extend contracts, and be desperate in order to gain more exploration and revenue for the country. The US most get involved. In order to be the biggest and the best, and respected by all, the US has to help bring along the other countries, too.


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