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Monday, November 29, 2004

Janie's Post: Africa is the Land of Diversity and America Should Help Them

Africa is a place inhibited by humans just as the states of America. Sometimes America tends to get so caught up in its own problems until it forgets to help out the surrounding countries. Uganda is part of Africa and has experienced many difficulties as a result of the Congo war and the attack threats of Kagame.
“Third, a large part of the Rwandan Patriotic Army's (RPA) strength in 1998 owed to the continual training and equipping of the army by sympathetic outside forces, notably the United States military. This support was soon to be officially withdrawn when it was realized in Washington that Rwanda had engaged in a risky effort to overthrow a regime that Rwanda itself was largely responsible for installing in power. In short, in August 1998 it appeared very much as though Kagame had probably bitten off more than he could chew.”
Where is the United States military when you need it most? The powerfulness of our military and army would make it almost effortless to help out Africa. As a result, it seems as if America has no concern with aiding others. The quicker the war is resolved, the quicker Africa and Uganda can go back to being normal. Kids can go back to learning and prices will lower. All of these positives will result from a little American help, so why not get to it?


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