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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Perhaps We Should Look Closer At Africa

Africa, tends to be the heart of the earth. But many people stray away from topics in Africa simply because Americans feel that Africa is of no importance to them. Perhaps because of demographics, we are separated by an ocean of water. Why shouldn’t we forget about the troubles in Africa. We are doing just fine. But take a deeper look into the mother land. The geographical continent where all humans spawned from. There is war. And with war comes killing, death, and poverty. Rwanda and Uganda have been in economic depression for a long time now. And civil war has brought both down. In an effort to gain power both have struggled on the continent. This article depicts the Ugandan War and how it is their Vietnam. The war has done nothing except depreciate the currency and cause loss of life. Besides that, the country of Rwanda is getting over their genocide, which in 100 days, 100,000 people were slaughtered with machetes. Tribal war between the Titus caused disruption in the country. So what do we do? I suggest that we increase help from the U.N. to hire more teachers, than soldiers over there. We need to get Africa back on its feet and war is not the answer. We should work on better trade regulations there and search for a way to keep peace. Africa has people too, just as we have people here. And no innocent person deserves to die. But Africa seems to have the fate of never being safe. Or free from poverty. We can not change the ideals, but we can show efficiency and how to guide people to doing the right thing. And that starts with teaching and feeding the children the children. Teach them war is not the answer to problems, and that land is not everything.


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