World Police?

Monday, October 18, 2004

Peace or War?

Humans always strive for the better. If they are not satisfied with what they have at the moment, they are always willing to work harder and sacrifice a little more of themselves to receive better compensations in order to have a better way of living. This situation can be revealed in the African countries of Rwanda and Uganda. These nations are currently in a help needed situation where they are going through a civil war due to their poor economic circumstances, and because of this war, these countries are exacerbating instead of reaching the goal they were aiming for before all this conflict started occurring. Lives are being lost, their economy is not becoming any better, and their citizens are losing the hope of being free from suffer and having the way of life that we, Americans, have. The United States, who claims to be the world police, must take a step into this situation in Africa and assist Rwanda and Uganda, directing them to a better style of living and dealing with their business, in which their outcomes define whether they will be successful or not. However, Uganda is in a dilemma. In order to attain better profits, they have to go through war. They are sacrificing their commodities in exchange of desired products. This must come to a halt. They must be taught that this is not the right way to take to have a pleasurable life because it will not always work. They can not always depend on this action. Also, children in these countries must also receive help from the United States by being provided with a good education so that they will run their countries' businesses successfully in the future.


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