World Police?

Friday, October 22, 2004

Education Must Be Priority #1

Someone whose friend's father passed away might not know how it feels like to have his or her father dead. This situation can be used as an analogy to the fact that we, Americans, might not realize how it feels like not to be able to earn an education in our childhoods. We were always given the opportunity and the privilege to gain knowledge and discipline without having to worry with our financial situation. This is one of the major factors that makes the United States such a favorable country. However, consideration for children that need to be educated in other countries is needed. Just because they live in another country doesn't mean that we shouldn't bother giving them the same advantage that we have here. We are blessed financially, therefore, we should use this blessing and take the action to go to foreign places and help other human beings. We are not in need for more education; African countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are, even though they already got rid of education fees. The article describes the lack of books and teachers in Kenya. Mrs. Mwanyonyo, one of the few teachers in the country, has a difficult time trying to teach all of her 250 students, who are in turn very dedicated and determined to learn how to read and write, even with no books, pencils, or desks for the students. However, that is not all they lack. Physical energy to study is one of the main problems that is keeping them from being focused. African children get so hungry throughout the day that they barely have the ability to look at the teacher and know what she is saying. If the United States claims to be the world's police, we should find support in Africa now, with books, teachers, and food for the children. Africa needs a future generation to lead their countries, just like the U.S. needs one.


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